LETTER: Horse Slaughter Plant In Cannon County?


This Monday (16th of April) at 5 p.m., the Horse Slaughter bill will be brought forward to the State to be voted on. If this bill is to pass there is talk that they have their eye on Cannon County as the future home of this facility. I don't know about you guys but I am abhorred by the idea of my county housing such a facility.

I may be coming at this from the viewpoint of a horse lover but you don't have to love horses to not want something like this in your area. There are so many reasons to want to keep such a place from being a part of your hometown.

The location of a horse slaughter facility in Cannon County would lower property values, create environment hazards, and cast a blight on your community.

Mayor Paula Bacon of Kaufman, TX spent 20 years trying to close down their local horse slaughter facility (Dallas Crown). Among the many violations of Dallas Crown were: exceeding the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, odor and wastewater effluence; foul smelling, decaying meat that attracted vermin and carrion; containers conveying uncovered and leaking liquids; blood in the ditches surrounding the plant; bones and parts in neighboring yards and the attraction of dogs and other animals.

Do we want this in our town? I don't and I know you don't. Help me do something about it and let's nip this thing in the bud before it becomes a real threat to our way of life. Please call Representative Mark Pody and Senator Mae Beavers and ask them to vote NO to HB 3619/SB 3461.

Here is their contact information:

Rep. Mark Pody (R-Lebanon), phone (615) 741-7086, email address: rep.mark.pody@capitol.tn.gov

Senator Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet), phone (615) 741-2421, email address: sen.mae.beavers@capitol.tn.gov

Jennifer V.