LETTER: Homeowners Near Quarry Urged To Take 3 Actions

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to inform my fellow Cannon Countians of the contents of a conversation I had last week. I ran into a geologist friend of mine I met when I worked for the State of Tennessee.  He is very familiar with the geology of Middle Tennessee and the area's rock formations. I told him about Cannon County's newest quarry. We discussed all the possible negative impacts resulting from the quarry's frequent blasting.

The blasting over time will impact the surrounding area's water table and surrounding buildings' foundations. Based on our discussions it is very clear that every home owner in the area should take three actions.

1. Pay for your own water certification test.

2. Pay for your own video certification of the soundness of their foundation(s). (Keep these test results in a secure location.)

3. Contact your insurance provider regarding your home owner coverage.

These actions create for the home owner a clear record of water and foundation conditions as they now exist.

Once open the quarry must continue frequent blasting to meet their customers' needs.  That clearly means over time water tables and quality will be altered and some foundations will be cracked.  The prudent home owner near should take these three actions as soon as possible.  Then, if necessary, the home owner will be able to document their loss.

John Hackett

Locke Creek Road

EDITOR’S NOTE: The quarry referenced in the above letter is the Stones River Quarry at the intersection of Bradyville Road and John Bragg Hwy.