Letter: Herron's letter raises comments

To the editor:

In the Cannon Courier issue of March 20, 2013 I found several areas in Mr. Roy Herron's letter about his Democrat beliefs very troubling.

He says he is a Democrat because he is a Christian, yet the current Democrat Administration has done more to restrain Christianity (no public display of Ten Commandments, Pledge of Allegiance, prayer in school etc.) while pushing for the advancement of Islam in various and benign ways.

He says he is a Democrat because he believes in the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Has he not heard of the "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal his Democrat Administration carried out? They have sent guns to Mexico, some were used to kill our own border guards.

He says he is a Democrat because John 3:16 teaches him that we should lay down our lives for others. Has he heard of Benghazi, Libya? Our Embassy was attacked, our ambassador and three others were killed? Our Democrat Administration watched on TV while it happened and did nothing.

He is a Democrat because his father told him there should be personal responsibility for all and immunity for none. How can he relate this to anything his Democrat Administration has done? Black Panthers at polling places with clubs to intimidate voters, case dismissed by Attorney General

Holder. Has he heard of the Presidents Amnesty Program? The government sues the state of Arizona for trying to enforce its own immigration laws.

He is a Democrat because Jesus taught in Matthew 25 that nations will be judged by how we treat our children. Legalized abortion kills millions of these. Where have you been Mr. Herron?

I won't go thru all your reasons and beliefs listed in your letter, they are just more of the same.

How can you ask anybody to join you in such a cause? This man is Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party!

Bill E. Asbury

Readyville TN 37149