Letter: God doesn't choose one party

To the editor:

I am a Christian and belong to the church that Jesus Christ died for. I do not worship GOD because I belong to a political party; I worship GOD because I am commanded to do so and because I believe that His only begotten Son died to release me from my sins and the power of His blood will continue to wash my sins away.

The idea that GOD chooses one political party over another is ludicrous to me. Somehow I envision His time and efforts being spent on the more important things in life than the political arena and the ignorance that has enveloped it.

As a Christian and a believer in the perfect word of GOD, I take His teachings and commandments literally. I think we should speak when the Bible speaks and be silent when the Bible is silent.  Therefore when the political pundits, news media or lawmakers bring up subjects that are contrary to GOD's word then I have to choose the political party or candidate who I feel is the best representative to keep the laws of GOD in place and active in our lives on a local, state and federal level.

I do not believe any political party is perfect, but I do believe the ideas, goals and policies of a political party can either be close to the laws of GOD or very far away and if you are a Christian then you should support the party or candidate that is the closest to GOD.

The new Chairman of the Democratic Party recently asked "Can you be a Christian and a member of the Democratic Party"? That is not for me, him or anyone else to decide or to judge, that is between GOD and the person who votes for the Democratic Party.

 I will simply say that GOD's law always overrides man's laws and BOTH parties should always keep that in mind.    

Corey Davenport