LETTER: Food giveaway planned

Thank you so much for helping to make the food distribution on November 10, 2012 a success. Food was provided for over 400 families, with over 300 receiving the full range of food we had. Without your help, we could not have reached so many.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the First Methodist Church in Woodbury, located at 502 W. High Street, will be able to offer another Free Food giveaway on Saturday, December 29th beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the parking lot of First Methodist Church.

There will be a tractor trailer full of food to be distributed. Each participant should bring their own box, laundry basket, or container to put the food in. There are no pre-qualifications, everyone is welcome.

This will be a “drive-thru” distribution. Cars should line up on High Street coming up the hill from College Street. Each car will be directed through the parking lot of First Methodist and out through the First Baptist Church parking lot.

For more information, contact the church office at 563-2135.

This is in addition to the four food distributions previously scheduled. The third of these has been scheduled for February 23, 2013. We will send out reminders in advance of the February 23, 2013 distribution. Thank you for your assistance.


United Methodist Church, Woodbury