LETTER: Disappointed In Actions Of Some Election Officials


What is going on with our Cannon County Election Commission? It seems like every time I pick up the paper there is another feud going on there.

I am an independent voter without ties to any political party. The picture I'm getting is that the Republicans are bound and determined to rule the entire process with an iron hand and force Tea Party politics on everyone. If you don't agree with them completely ... you're out! No other opinions are welcome nor accepted.

Our election protocols are based on different opinions and are to be determined by a majority of voters who will make the final decision on each issue. The issue of a fair and unbiased elections are being jeopardized by this process of constant turmoil and conflict.

If the existing officials can't get their act together and have a non-partisan approach to operating the commission, they need to be replaced with people who have an overall objectivity and can act civilly and with decorum appropriate to those positions.

Frankly, I'm disappointed and even embarrassed by the actions of some of our officials in the Election Commission.

Fount Bertram
2100 Bradyville Hill Road
Bradyville, TN 37026