LETTER: Cooperation can strengthen

To the editor:

Of all the nations, America is the most blessed. How privileged we are as citizens of this land. But how often we fail to show our gratitude.

Our society, for the most part, has gallen to a deplorable level of spiritual and moral decay. Our example has influenced the whole world. They watch us and follow our ways. We have been a light to hose around us, but our light has become tarnished in our present troubled world. We must look to a Higher Power to find solutions to our many problems. We need to get on our knees and beg forgiveness and amend our ways while we can. We must make right choices.

In a few days, we will cast our votes. Do we love our little ones that will come after us enough to change our position? If we won’t their burden will be the heaviest yet. We must have stronger - more capable leadership for our country because the strength of our homes and communities depend on the strength of our National Leadership. We can be lifted up or brought down. The decisions we make now will determine which it will be. We need to pay less attention to some of our differences and cooperate together as friends and good citizens so we can make our country strong again. Each of us must earnestly strive to do what is right for we stand at a cruicla time in the history of our nation.
We are taught the nation that forgets the Lord will be destroyed.

Lillian Todd
Readyville, TN 37149