Letter: Come say goodbye to Rita Allen


Dear Editor,

Rita Allen, Cannon County Library Director, has accepted the job as Library Director of Shelbyville’s library and will leave us Jan. 31.

Although we are happy that Director Allen will have much better pay, a shorter drive to work and another building project to challenge her, the Library Board of Trustees is very sorry to see her go. She has helped transform the Dr. and Mrs. JF Adams Memorial Library into a bustling, beautiful and modern library that is one of the best small libraries in the state. Her high standard of professionalism and wry sense of humor have made her a joy to work with, and we will miss her.

We invite you and all the people who have benefited from Director Allen’s work as Library Director to join us for a Farewell Reception on Thursday, January 23 from noon until 2:00 PM. We will gather in the Jennings Community Room at the Adams Memorial Library, 212 College St., Woodbury. Please come help show Rita how much we appreciate what she has done for Cannon County and join us in wishing her well in her new position.

Angela Ott,
Chair, Library Board of Trustees