Letter: Colonel enjoys new Whittle book


To the Editor:
I have just finished a book titled, "Canalou" by Dan Whittle, an infamous and well known newspaper reporter in these here parts. I have read many books in my lifetime. My two favorite books of all times, have been the Bible and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain.

The Bible, because it provides answers to our existence and life on this earth. It also, provides one with the God's simple plan of salvation leading to eternal life in Heaven. This is one book that you don't want to miss.

The second book, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which relates to my life and adventures growing up as a young boy, on my Grand Mother's farm on Stone's River, in Cannon County, in the 1940's, before we had electricity and indoor plumbing; and my early grammar school days in Woodbury.

As of this month, after finishing "Canalou", I now have added my third most favorite book. I have added "Canalou".
In "Canalou" Dan tells about the life and hardships of the people of the Bootheel Region of Missouri and the adventures of Danny Whittle as he grows up in one of our country's last frontiers, "Canalou". This is a heart warming story of survival during the New Madrid Earthquake and the Great Depression. It is exciting, educational, inspiring, emotional, interesting, informative, funny, sad, down to earth, and exceptionally well written.

I couldn't wait to personally tell Dan Whittle how much that I enjoyed his book, "Canalou". Once you start reading this book you cannot put it down, because of the suspense and drama of the tales that Dan brings to life.

I told Dan that, in my opinion, "Canalou", is right up there with Mark Twain's, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” These two books are in my personal bookcase, side by side, to remind me of the Good Old Days and the hard times, but as a young boy those years were the best years of my life.

And to remind me of the hardships and the true grit of Dan Whittle, his family, and the people of the Bootheel Region of Missouri. My Bible stays beside me in my den where I read and study the greatest book of all times, to understand the key to a wonderful life in Heaven.

I told Dan that "Canalou" should be made into a movie, for the whole world to enjoy. "Canalou,” takes one back through time, our roots, our history, precious times, wonderful memories, and why we are proud to be Americans. The greatest people on this earth. God truly touched the people of "Canalou.” I highly recommend that you read these three books, cover to cover.
See Dan Whittle and get an autographed copy of his book, "Canalou". You will be glad that you did.

Col. Jim Stone