Letter: Blackburn explains his resignation


To the Cannon Co. voters of District 2:

I’d like to express my thanks for your confidence in me serving as your school board member for the past 8 years. You continued to show your support, when on August 7th, you re-elected me to a third term, even though I had resigned this position on June 18, 2014.

My reason for resigning, was due to the face that over the past 8 years I’ve gone from being an employee of a family business, to now also being an owner of this business. My job responsibilities have increased over the past 8 years and I feel I no longer have the time to adequately serve as a school board member. Once again, I thank you for your support, but must let this letter serve as my resignation from the school board. I wish my successor the best as they served as District 2 school board member.

Chris Blackburn