LETTER: America Is Becoming A Third World Country


Republicans and Democrats have more in common than differences.

As much as the media and talk show hosts like to bash the opposition to create anger towards the opposite side to boost ratings, the truth is that we the people have many of the same goals in mind, although sometimes we have different ideas on how to achieve our goals.

We all want America to be prosperous, and want our children and grandchildren to have as much opportunity, freedom, wealth, and security as possible. I would suggest that in the last 30 years both political sides have been going in the same direction, towards selling the people out to the highest bidder. Talk show hosts and television news is nothing more than over-dramatized acting to promote the crooked politicians as they sell us out little by little.

The wealth of America and it's people is the most important thing to all of our success and we have somehow gone from the world's biggest creditor to the biggest debtor, all the while both parties make deals and change laws that encourage big business to move overseas. When "our" party does it, we expect it was for a good reason, and when the other party does it we shake our head and blame them for all of it.

China just purchased it's first bank in America (Fortis Securities), I expect that small bank to grow and eat other banks as soon as they feel they can do it without getting too much publicity.

NAFTA, GAT, WTO, and the North American Union were created by both parties. Senior Bush had NAFTA set up but couldn't pass it, Clinton came in and took full credit (Hillary helped sell it).

Democrats, Obama is running around the world kissing butt, and reassuring everyone that we will continue exporting jobs. He says he is creating jobs, actually he is selling military products. It's the only thing we make in America, although we even import a lot of that to.

The bank regulations the Republicans made such a big deal about, did nothing because there are so many holes in the laws. When Obama did the stimulus package, he spent half the money on tax cuts, the money spent didn't even have a buy American clause in it, the Republicans blocked that (ya right, several Dems helped ). Obamacare is a joke compared to what he promised.

Republicans, Glenn Beck has an interesting article in Forbes magazine you should read. There are enough conservative judges to change the law and allow corporations and special interest groups to money bomb politicians (take power from we the people), but can't change Roe vs Wade, I don't believe it, I think they want abortions to be legal because it gets votes, it's like a carrot on a stick.

Let's face the facts, any person who does what it takes to become a politician in our society is not a moral person, any honest person wouldn't have a chance (wake up). There are a lot of people who want laws to reflect their religious beliefs, but just think, odds are that it won't be your religion so be happy we all have freedom of religion. Republicans want government to be so small it can only protect the borders and the country militarily, and yet they want it to stop gays, pornography, drugs, gambling etc. Come on people, you can't have it both ways, make up your minds.

Tea Party people, you think you are so independent but you are financially supported by Dick Armey and publicized by Sarah Palin, I am guessing you are puppets for the Republican Party. The Boston tea party was a revolution against the "east India company" because it had to pay no taxes and was putting family businesses under, we have that today but you guys are supporting tax cuts for the corporations.

Where do politicians go after they get voted out? They join the ranks of over 35,000 lobbyist, that's where they make the big bucks if they sucked up to the large corporations well enough while in office.
The politicians are doing what they have to if they want the funding to get reelected. The political talkers are twisting facts to convince us to vote for their party (it's their job). The corporations ship jobs overseas to make more money with cheap labor (and they brag about it on CNBC) and boost stock price.
My favorite example of spinning the facts is the average family income is the same as 50 years ago, what we are not reminded of is that there was only one person working in the family 50 years ago, now there is two.
I'm not suggesting anyone give up. We all need to get educated about what is going on. Don't take anyone's word for anything political, learn the point of view, ideas, and theories of all sides. Debate the issues, challenge the talk show hosts and politicians  (all of them). If we just sit back and have faith in our crooked politicians, our children will live in new China (old America), the jobs will come back but they won't pay enough to buy the things they make.
Can someone please explain how free trade is good for America when we don't make anything anymore? America borrows from China and buys from China, this isn't rocket science. Wake up America, we are becoming a third world country, and it's because our trade policies stink!

Weston Keisel
La Salle, Illinois 61301