Letter: Acceptable planning needed


To the Editor:

My wife and I moved to Cannon County in the 1980’s after we bought the old Campbell Farm. The divided highway wasn’t finished so the drive to Nashville took almost 2-hours. Time passed, things changed; today that drive takes just over 1-hour.   Cannon County has become more accessible.   In addition our county is located between two of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee.  Both those counties have stronger zoning/land use regulations than we do.                                                                                                                                                

 As a result our county ends up home to industries (quarries) and businesses (halfway houses) other counties find undesirable [for whatever reason].   It appears to me the effectiveness of our existing zoning laws to protect property values and the quality of our rural lifestyle has been brought into serious question.   As residents voters and taxpayers we must make it clear to our local elected officials it is time to strengthen our zoning and land use laws. 

Therefore, I suggest that between now and the November election we engage our local elected officials and the Planning Commission in particular to find acceptable solutions.   Our business community, service and faith-based organizations could conduct discussions regarding our county’s zoning needs as guidelines for our county officials.  I believe only through open/public dialogue can we develop a consensus that will preserve the current rural quality of life we all enjoy.   It is my hope that this letter will help initiate that dialogue.

John Hackett  
Locke Creek Road