Letter: A thank you to Cannon County


Dear people of Cannon County,
I want to thank you all for your many kindnesses and ongoing support from the very first day that I arrived for work as your library director here in Cannon County. This has been a remarkable experience. Your generosity and enthusiasm far exceed normal "community support". I can think of no area where citizens pull together more productively and achieve more with oftentimes too few people and not enough money.
Cannon County has a wealth beyond measure in its citizens. You are much more interested in the success and happiness of all, than in the elevation of a few while others are left wanting. This is very rare in a world where a lot of folks are looking out for the "main chance" and "only in it for themselves". I noticed repeatedly that every time I ran into a barrier or a problem, someone stepped up to help and find a solution. You are indeed fortunate to live in such a place.
This newly expanded and remodeled Adams Memorial Library will serve a monument to the marvelous cooperative and giving spirit of your community. I remember as a young girl perched in a Montana hayloft reading books about small towns where you could ride your bike to the library or the drug store. I dreamed about towns like that where you could find friends at the local park or enjoy a stroll in the square. You have that dream environment and more. Cannon County is a very special place.
Please continue to support your terrific libraries, library staff and volunteers, and the community treasures you have built. As I move on to another opportunity, I will always be grateful for the chance you have given me to serve you as your librarian. I will miss you and you will always have a piece of my heart.

Rita Allen