Letter: 2 armed officers can't protect schools

To the Editor:

Another school shooting in Decatur GA, shots were fired but luckily no one was hurt. How did this happen? Another mentally disturbed individual walked into an elementary school with an A.K. 47 rifle that he took from a neighbors house.

Nothing in our recent tax increase by our County Commissioners would do anything to prevent an act such as this. After all the meetings, discussions, and Citizen input, our school buildings are still not secure.

It seems the only thing that we have gained from this endeavor is a permanent tax increase with little if any benefit. I stated in one of the meetings that I am not against SRO Officers, but just two Officers cannot protect all our schools.
Our Daughter works in a very small, rural school district in VA, with few businesses or manufacturing to contribute to their tax base, yet they secured all their buildings this summer with cameras and locks, with a code the secretary provides, so people can enter the building after being identified.
Our major concern in our County should be---KEEP OUR CHILDREN AS SAFE AND SECURE AS POSSIBLE!

Bill E. Asbury