Let's Continue To Exercise Civility


One thing for certain, that Matt Studd sure knows how to deliver a hateful, mean spirited, and divisive speech.  

As I read his comments to the gathering of the Cannon County Republicans (Cannon Courier, Oct. 19), I got to thinking; for all these years I have either been really naive or my Republican friends didn't have the heart to tell me they thought I was evil or an abomination to God.

I also got to thinking it is quite obvious that this person is not, as my grandmother use to say, "from around here" or else he would realize that this is not who Cannon Countians are.  

We may have our political and philosophical differences but, for the most part, Cannon County Democrats and Republicans have lived and worked and worshiped side by side for generations and have managed to maintain a civil discourse on politics.

My hope is that during this political season we continue to be civil towards one another and to respect our right to disagree without reducing the debate to the self-righteous rhetoric spewed by Matt Studd.

Oh, and one last thought.  I didn't realize God favored Republicans over Democrats.  I'm just saying.

Faye Northcutt-Knox
Woodbury, TN