Large Court Docket On Tap For Tuesday

A docket featuring over 80 defendants is on tap for Cannon County General Sessions Court on Tuesday, April 24:

Those defendants scheduled to appear before Judge Susan Melton include:

Beverly Sue Adamson - DUI 1st, Speeding (40/20).

Connie Gale Ashford Chapman - DUI, Implied Consent Law.

Ricky Lee Bain - DUI 4th, DWLR 2nd.

Steven J. Ballard - Violation Of Probation.

Jacqueline Lynn Barrett - VOP.

Justin T. Barrett - Initiating The Process, Maintaining A Dwelling.

Mary Ann Barrett - Initiating The Process, Maintaining A Dwelling.

David Allen Bedwell - Evading Arrest, VOP.

Shannon Lee Blythe - Simple Possession Of Methamphetamine.

Ernest Shane Bogle - Driving While License Suspended.

Romanda E. Butcher - Contributing To Delinquency Of A Minor.

Rebecca Paige Bynum - VOP.

Brandy Resha Campbell - VOP.

Patrick Dwayne Clark - Domestic Assault, Aggravated Assault (two counts), Carrying A Weapon, Disorderly Conduct, Contempt Of Court.

Rena Nanette Clemmons - Driving While License Revoked 2nd Offense, Speeding (46/30), Insurance Law.

Kevin Mac Cope - Simple Possession Of Marijuana.

Lisa Gaye Croasmun - Worthless Check.

Linda Davis - Worthless Check.

Nathan Lewayne Davis - VOP.

Gary Eubanks - Aggravated Burglary, Theft Under $1,000.

Tonia Fletcher - Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor.

Brian Wayne Freeman - VOP.

Tylor Blake Fults - VOP.

Maurice Randall Glimps - Driving While License Revoked.

John Steven Goins - Speeding (58/45), Opening Container, Financial Responsibility.

Billy Joe Griffith - VOP.

DevonAaron Gunter - VOP.

Jerry Ray Gunter - Initiating The Process, Maintaining A Dwelling, Driving While License Suspended, Registration Violation, Financial Responsibility.

William Ronnie Hayes - Domestic Assault, Hindering Secured Creditor (retirement).

Samantha Hendricks - Worthless Check.

Joshua Edward Herman - VOP.

Ryan Herron - Worthless Checks.

Kayla Bree Hickey - VOP.

David Anthony Hillis - Driving While License Suspended, Speeding (76/55).

Jeremy H. Hinkle - Initiating The Process.

Angel C. Howse - Theft Of Property.

Wanda Daily Jackson- Driving While License Suspended 2nd Offense.

Lillian F. Jernigan - DUI By Consent.

Randy Wade Holden - DUI 2nd Offense (sentencing).

Jeremy Lee Johnson - VOP.

John Clarence Jones - DUI 5th Offense, DWLR 2nd Offense.

Kerry M. Jordan - Disorderly Conduct.

Candace Dawn Laxton - VOP.

Larry Dean Leftwich - VOP.

Lavy Jennine Little - Speeding.

Christopher Gayle Lorance - DUI.

Gina E. Lowe - Fraudulent Receipt Of EBT Card.

David William McPeak - Initiating The Process, Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Possession Of Schedule II Narcotic, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.

Donna Machelle McPeak - Initiating The Process, Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Possession Of Schedule II Narcotic, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Unlawful Carrying Of A Firearm.

Raymond Earl McVay, Jr. - Reckless Endangerment.

Rafael Castillo Madellin - VOP.

Tiffany N. Cross-Mullins - Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Initiating The Process, Possession Of Schedule II Narcotics, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, VOP.

Thomas Avent Muncy - DUI, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia (two counts), Seatbelt Law.

David R. Nipper - Initiating The Process, Maintaining A Dwelling.

Kevin Gene Ohler - VOP.

Cody Leon Parks - Speeding (70/55).

Mark Wayne Peterson - Driving While License Suspended 2nd Offense.

William Ross Prater - Underage Consumption.

Dewey Raymond - VOP.

Thomas Wade Reed - Possession Of Schedule II Narcotic (methamphetamine), Harassment, VOP.

Mitsie I. Rodriquez - Speeding (70/55).

Dallas Jay Rogers - Domestic Assault, VOP.

Jenny Morris Rose - Leaving The Scene Of A Property Damage Accident, Financial Responsibility.

Michael Joe Sanders - Driving While License Revoked 8th Offense, Failure To Appear.

Pleas Edward Schultz - DUI By Consent.

Andrew Michael Seymour - VOP.

Cody J. Shaffer - Initiating The Process (two counts), Maintaining A Dwelling.

Shirley Ann Shannon - DUI By Consent.

Kory Lyndell Smith - VOP.

Randall Clark Smotherman - Public Intoxication.

Tammy Renee Southers - VOP.

Brian Alan Stafford - Worthless Check.

Lori Ann Sullins - DUI 1st Offense.

Joseph Matthews Starnes - VOP.

Lisa Berrett Tanton - VOP.

Cynthia Denise Thomas - Initiating The Process, Maintaining A Dwelling.

Richard Chase Thomas - Disorderly Conduct.

Jason William Thomason - VOP.

Christopher A. Turley - VOP.

Joshua Lee Underwood - VOP.

Jessie Harold Vinson, III - DUI 1st, Simple Possession Of Marijuana, Implied Consent Law.

John David Wallace, Jr. - VOP.

Teri A. Walls - VOP.

Alexander Kirk Webb - Initiating The Process To Manufacture Methamphetamine, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.

Todd Alan Whitmore - Driving While License Suspended 2nd Offense (two counts), Financial Responsibility and Seatbelt laws.

William Keith Wilson - Driving While License Suspended, Simple Possession Schedule III Narcotics.