Land transfers total $3.5 million

Register of Deeds Sandy Hollandsworth has recorded thirty eight real estate transfers for the month of March which totaled $3,646,957.71. Those transfer of deeds included:
Charles Bruce and Caroline Wilder III sold to Kris A. and Candice R. Parsley in the 6th district, 205 West Laurel Street, $77,800.00.

Arnold M. Weiss (Trustee), William I. and Barbara B. Benson (Foreclosure) sold to Federal National Mortgage Association in the 6th and 8th district, 806 Iconium Rd., $317,085.02.

Marilyn Diane Allen sold to William T. Green in the 5th district, 28 Houston Parker Rd., $59,900.00.

Richard Gentry sold to Anthony and Donna Reed in the 3rd district, $10,000.00.

Ronald Hayes sold to James N. and Joyce F. Weisse in the 6th district, 308 Hayes St., $26,400.00.

Lynsey M. Nixon sold to Frealin M. Chapman and Kayla Burger, 190 Old Prospect Rd., $128,000.00.

Gloria Simon sold to Michael and Susan Ashford in the 12th district, 6770 Dug Hollow Rd., Bradyville, $195,000.00.

Douglas Jack Hollandsworth, Janie Hollandsworth, Christopher Lee Hollandsworth, Lori Hollandsworth, Russell Waldon Hollandsworth, and Connie Hollandsworth sold to Chris Johnson in the 6th district, 522 McFerrin St., $60,000.00.

Justin D. and Hope K. Tenpenny sold to Mark A. and Susan K. Smith in the 8th district, 1715 Center Hill Rd., Woodbury, $224,900.00.

Shapiro and Ingle LLP (Substitute Trustee), David and Deanna Lindeman (Foreclosure) sold to Wells Fargo Bank N A in the 6th district, 45 Mason Hollow Rd., Woodbury, $61,020.00.

Samuel Fabozzi sold to Adam W. McClure in the 5th district, 1283 Myrtle Road, Bradyville, $27,000.00.

Gary Jenkins sold to Charles Jeffrey and Jessica St. John, Horton Elrod and Dorothy Elrod Property, $50,000.00.

Teresa Stoetzel sold to Bruce L. and Candice S. Payne in the 6th district, 171 Honey Lane, Woodbury, $70,000.00.

W. Larry and Linda D. Funderburk sold to Judy A. Denny in the 6th district, 169 Bradford Way, $169,000.00.

Jalal Bachour (POA), Marwan Hanna, Rima Hanna, Lina Arnouk, Sami Arnouk, Fina Bachour, and Fouad Malko sold to Hugh W. and Jo Clark in the 13th district, $240,000.00.

T.J. Daniel sold to Daniel Family Limited Partnership in the 5th district, 8212 Jim Cummings Hwy., Woodbury, $75,500.00.

Ricky Fults sold to Howard R. and Cynthia D. Cook Jr. in the 10th district, $40,000.00.

Gerrit and Angela D. Witvoet sold to Anthony D. and Lisa A. Tate in the 11th district, 400 Castle Pointe Lane, Auburntown, $68,500.00.

William Brevard Smith Revocable Living Trust and William Brevard Smith (Trustee) sold to Jimmy Mingle in the 11th district, 60 W. Main St., $36,000.00.

Steven Ray Scott, Gary Mark Scott, Ray Scott Heirs, and Joy Scott Heirs sold to Teresa S. Stoetzel in the 6th district, 925 Old McMinnville Rd., $56,666.66.

Wilson and Associates PLLC and Billy C. White (Foreclosure) sold to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC in the 8th district, 2610 Eugene Reed Rd., $96,086.03.

Charles W. and Emily F. Haynes Jr. sold to Darrell L. and Melinda M. Hunt in the 6th district, 214 Valley Drive, Woodbury, $135,900.00.

James Ryan Tenpenny sold to Emily and Charles Haynes Jr. in the 6th district, 120 Kimela Dr., $135,000.00.

Robert E. and Debra A. Bryson sold to Douglas Michael Smith in the 13th district, 5106 Hollow Springs Rd., Bradyville, $81,900.00.

Amber Reed sold to William A. Pendleton in the 13th district, 411 Cove Hill Rd., Woodbury, $14,000.00.

First National Bank and Scott Uselton (Senior Vice President) sold to Walter A. Bowyer III in the 7th district, 1530 Stones River Rd., Woodbury, $165,000.00.

Ricky Lowe (Co-Executor), Patti Brison (Co-Executor), and Carsie K. Spry Estate sold to Howard A. Prater Jr. in the 6th district, $29,000.00.

Joshua D. and Ashley Davis sold to John Partin Jr. (Pastor) and Begin Life in the Church of Jesus Christ in the 5th district, 9324 Jim Cummings Hwy., Bradyville, $85,000.00.

Mae Fannie and Federal National Mortgage Association sold to Kevin Piercy in the 12th district, 6036 Bradyville Rd., Bradyville, $16,500.00.

Jeffery and Marilyn Moore sold to Michael R. Wood Jr., 67 Gilley Hill Rd., Bradyville, $120,000.00.

Liberty State Bank, Citizens Bank, and Joe Carter (President) sold to Two Creeks LLC in the 11th district, 165 East Main St., Auburntown, $82,500.00.
Alicia C. Downard sold to Terry L. and Cynthia Staton in the 9th district, 1499 Bluehill Rd., McMinnville, $58,900.00.

Enlow Ose (Trustee), Melena A. Ose (Trustee), and The Ose Family Trust sold to Mary Laura Ose, 126 Lester St., Woodbury, $120,000.00.

Leslie Marston Bush and Sharon Kay Bush sold to Craig Alan Bush in the 13th district, 1847 Bush Rd., Bradyville, $50,000.00.

Steven D. and Kathie C. Fuston sold to Rickey L. Smotherman and Warren C. Weibel in the 6th district, 221 W. Main St., Woodbury, $110,000.00.

Steven Clint Higgins sold to David Bryant and Ashlyn R. Hare in the 8th district, 507 Odell Powell Rd., $205,000.00.

Craig M. Gerdik sold to Holly W. Fowler and Doris J. Fowler in the 11th district, $8,400.00.

Melissa A. Luttrell sold to David L. and Monica Mitchell Stone in the 5th district, 208 Tommy Parker Rd., $141,000.00.