Judge Ash To Hold Circuit Court Friday

Judge Don. R. Ash will preside over Cannon County Circuit Court Friday, Dec. 10.

The defendants on the docket are listed below:

Patti Chappell, Motion to Reduce/Waive Costs & Revocation.

Wendy Thomas, Revocation.

Christina Kelley, Capias.

Robert Mitchell Orr, III, Revocation.

Michael J. Sanders, Revocation.

Timothy Ryan Lawson, Plea.

Elisha Jenkins, Revocation.

Angela Trisler, Revocation / Capias.

Bruce A. Morton, Revocation (Review of Reporting to Probation).

John McPeak, Petition for Suspended Sentence.

Vickie Marsh, Revocation.

Joshua Dishman, Revocation.

Johnny Lyons, Jr., Plea.

Ashley D. Davidson, Plea.

Jeff Thomas, Plea.

Robert L. Self, Jr., Plea.

Ila Kay Smith, Plea.