Jack Miller Announces Candidacy For Cannon County Sheriff

Jack Miller Announces Candidacy For Cannon County Sheriff
Hello I’m Jack Miller ~ candidate for Sheriff. I’m a native of Cannon County and live in Readyville. My parents are J. R. and Nita Miller, and live in Readyville. I have a lifetime of experience fighting crime for a living.

I am a Qualifying Security Agent with the State of Tennessee. If you elect me Sheriff, my number one priority will always be keeping you, your family, your home, your farm, your schools, your church, your place of business, and your community safe.

I’m different from other candidates in that I bring over a decade of CEO experience as the head of one of the largest private security companies in the nation. My company was ten times larger than the Sheriff’s Department with over 300 employees. This is important because a Sheriff today is more than a law enforcement officer. The Sheriff operates the jail, the 911 call center, security at the courthouse, and is responsible for a tremendous amount of your money. We need a Sheriff who knows how to manage a lot of employees, a lot of money, complicated budgets, and who will cut costs, eliminate waste, and reduce the burden on the taxpayer, all while keeping you safe and sound.

Cannon County has not had a Sheriff serve more than one term in over 20 years. The cost of running the Sheriff’s Department has doubled in just two Sheriff’s terms. It is time for a change. If elected, I will implement new ideas and modern strategies to restore the integrity and core values of our organization ~ with professionalism being the fundamental principle in everything we do. My ideas include County-wide patrolling of every road 24 hours a day, creating a Citizen Review Board, and stringent new training guidelines for all staff.

I’m asking for your vote and support. Please visit my website VoteJackMiller.com