It's Sunny And 83 ... In Iraq!

It's Sunny And 83 ... In Iraq!

The above picture is GREEN grass outside my CHU. This is what happens when the sun shines and we get rain in Iraq. (Jennifer Duggin)
Hello from warm, sunny 83 degree Iraq. I am sure most of you wish I could box up this weather and send it to you. I would if I could.

From the sound of things, the USA is getting covered in snow and lot's of it. This warm weather is not common this time of year in Iraq, but I will take it, esp. because we are starting to pack up.

Life at FOB Sykes is well, and the spirits are GREAT, as home is just weeks away. Our mission in Iraq is almost complete and we feel accomplished.

I am getting very anxious to get home to my family, as it is very hard to be a mom/wife/aunt/sister/friend almost 8000 miles away. This year been an experience, and something I will never forget anytime soon. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my unit throughout this past year. Thanks is not enough, but it's what I have to offer.

I am going to include two address's of local soldiers from Woodbury who are currently deployed and I know would love to receive your wonderful care packages.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for home and our families who are awaiting our arrivals. Until Next Week......

PFC Milligan, Kasey
JBB, Iraq
APO-AE 09391

SSG Kevin McMackins
APO AE 09378
Until Next week.......


SPC Jennifer Duggin
HHT 1-230th ACS
FOB Sykes
APO AE 09351