It’s Girl Scout cookie time!



Buying Girl Scout Cookies is about more than just handing over money for a box. It's about the skills a girl gains from interacting directly with you. It's about the experience of running her own cookie business and working with others.
And it's why we encourage you to buy your cookies from a Girl Scout-the Cookie Professional!-and not her parents. Your purchase means you get tasty cookies-and a girl learns skills that last a lifetime.

Girl Scouts in our area will be selling at booths around town on Friday evenings, Saturday, and Sunday. Thin Mints are the most popular variety, but what is your favorite Girl Scout cookie, Samoas? Tagalongs? Trefoils? Do-didos?

Girl Scout cookies are only available for a short time because it is the premier entrepreneurship opportunity for girls, but it is only one part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girl Scouts participate in many activities throughout the year and work on many projects. The cookie sale is just one of those activities.

And because only girls may sell Girl Scout Cookies, their market availability is limited to the six- to eight week period when they are engaged in the program in their local council.