Invisible cow causes car crash


DUI/Car Crash
Deputy Mike Hainey was dispatched to Eugene Reed Road to investigate a single-vehicle accident as the result of a possible inebriated driver.
Hainey discovered a SUV stuck in a field. Witnesses said the driver of the vehicle left on foot traveling east toward Iconium Road.
"I observed a white male, later identified as Kreg Wells, dressed in dark gray sweats and appearing disoriented," Hainey said.
Hainey after searching Wells, took him back to the scene of the accident.
"Mr. Wells then stated that a deer had run out in front of him, causing the crash," Hainey said. A search of the area revealed no deer tracks.
Wells then failed a series of field sobriety tests and was told he would be charged with DUI. After Hainey placed him in the back of his patrol car, the officer discovered four empty beer bottles in the immediate area.
He was subsequently charged with DUI, simple possession, violating implied consent and leaving the scene of an accident.

Domestic Assault
William P. Hodge was charged with domestic violence following an incident on Hollow Springs Road in Bradyville.
Warrants Served
Vickey Suzanne McClure, violation of state probation.
Austin Bradley Smithson, violation of probation.

Joshua Davenport, capias.

Bobby L. Jones, violation of probation.

Ashley McTaggart, violation of probation.

Joy Riding
John Jones was charged with joy riding and violation of parole.