Hunter: Thanksgiving birthday wishes


Thanksgiving is always a special week for me as my birthday, November 23, usually falls on the same week as the holiday. This year I turn 34 years old, so I decided for this week's column to list 34 birthday wishes/things I am thankful for in my life. Let's get started with the countdown:
1. I am thankful for supportive family members who have stood by me through everything.
2. I am thankful for being able to cover sports for the Cannon Courier.
3. I am thankful to everybody here in Cannon County at all levels (Youth, Grammar, High School) for all of their help as I work to make this sports section something we can be proud of.
4. I wish for the success of the CCHS athletic teams.
5. I wish for the success of all of the local youth sports teams.
6. I wish for the success of all of the local grammar school teams.
7. I wish for the parents to show good sportsmanship at all sporting events.
8. I wish to do a better job of reporting what is going on in the sporting world.
9. I am thankful for the success of both local cross country teams this season.
10. I wish for another Super Bowl title by the New England Patriots, but this time the right way.
11. I wish for the continued growth of all of the major auto and moto racing series.
12. I wish for NASCAR to go back to the old points system and get rid of the Chase.
13. I wish for the Blackhawks to win another Stanley Cup, or the Predators win their first one.
14. I wish for the Rangers to finally win a World Series after so close in the past.
15. I wish for the CCHS basketball teams to advance back to state and break the drought.
16. I wish for the CCHS football team to have a better 2016 season.
17. I wish for all of the other CCHS teams to keep competing well in the district and beyond.
18. I wish to try to continue to grow as a godly man every day.
19. I wish for the College Football Playoff to expand to 16 teams including all conference champions.
20. I am thankful for everyone at my church, First Baptist Murfreesboro (Main Street)
21. I am thankful for all of the 2016 CCHS seniors as they get ready for the next chapter in their life.
22. I am thankful to my bosses at Goodwill for letting me work both jobs.
23. I wish for the MTSU Lady Raiders to advance to the NCAA Tournament and win a game in it.
24. I wish for the MTSU men's basketball team to win first NCAA Tournament game since 1989.
25. I wish for the MTSU baseball team to advance to the NCAAs for the first time in an awhile.
26. I wish for the MTSU football team to win first bowl game since 2009.
27. I wish for the continued success of all of the MTSU teams as they compete for Conference USA titles.
28. I wish for a successful 2016 Summer Olympics for Team USA.
29. I wish for my aunt to beat her cancer.
30. I am thankful for all of the local parents and coaches for letting me interview their student-athletes after a game win or lose.
31. I am thankful to everybody who never gave up on me when times were tough this year.
32. I am thankful to my co-workers for making my job easier at both places.
33. I wish to find a romantic relationship with someone who makes us feel special with no games attached.
34. I wish for everybody to have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and we are thankful to you for reading the Cannon Courier every week.