Hunter: Cannon coaches trace influences


I decided to get into the sports media 20 years ago, when I was in middle school at Lascassas Elementary in Rutherford County. One of the top sports radio talk show hosts I listened to was George Plaster. He was one of the major Influences on why I decided to get in this business.

.Last week, he finished up his last show, Sportsnight, on 102.5 FM, the game. We have talked many times, and he is a great person both on and off the air.

However, I know you the readers much rather read what the Cannon County High School coaches have to say instead of me, and I do not blame you. I hate to hear myself talk, too.

This week, I asked five Lions and Lionettes head coaches the reason why they got into coaching and their influences and here are their answers.

CCHS Football Head Coach T.J. Daniel - "I always wanted to coach since I was a young football player. When, I played middle school football, I realized I wanted to coach and change people's lives and be an inspiration to young men. I have always wanted to do it. When I realized I wanted to coach, I started watching different coaches. All different coaches , no matter who it was basketball, baseball, whoever. Watching their demeanor, especially the football coaches, and try to be like them. I wanted to be a high school coach.

CCHS athletic director Matt Rigsby - "My dad coaching me even in little league and junior pro. The time he would take with the kids. He never cared about how many championships we won. I started just to help at Woodbury Grammar in the Junior Pro League when I was 16. My cousin and I coached a basketball team then, and I have coached basketball ever since then. That was 19 years ago."

New CCHS Girls Volleyball Head Coach Angela Hale - "It was always Coach K from Duke, that is my team. I got Duke stuff all over my office. He is big on respect, and treating his teammates like family. That is how I roll. I want to make these girls better than they think they are and build their confidence. I want to inspire people and better themselves, and I think I can help them do that. I like to motivate people."

CCHS Cross Country Head Coach Marc Larson - "I have a great time doing it, teaching and coaching and doing the outdoor club. I had some mentors when I was in high school and in college who influenced me. I did not make the greatest decisions in high school, but I had some people that stuck with me and kept me going in the right direction. This is repayment for the coaches and teachers and adults that led me. I enjoy all of it, I enjoy doing it and I love these kids. I run with these kids even after they graduate. I hope to run with these kids for the rest of my life."

CCHS Girls Soccer Coach Dorinda Walker - "I have been coaching in some sport since I was old enough not to play anymore. I just felt led to do that. I have been doing it off and on since I was 18. The best coach I ever had was my softball coach. He did not say a lot, but his facial expressions told us everything we needed to know."