Helping To ‘Flush’ Away Cancer

Helping To ‘Flush’ Away Cancer

Local CPA, Sue Patrick, noticed something a bit unusual when she arrived at her office on Lester Street this morning, March 21.

A purple toilet had been placed outside her entrance.

Writing on the outside informed Patrick, "You’ve Been Flushed."

Turns out the toilet had been placed there by Huff & Puff Trucking as a way to get Patrick to join the fight against cancer.

Huff & Puff is one of the participants in Cannon County’s Relay for Life, which will be held May 4 at Dillon Park. As part of their fundraising efforts, they’ve established a “Flush Away Cancer” campaign.

A note left inside the toilet informs participants that in order to have the toilet removed from their business or yard, a $25 fee is assessed. For $35, they can have it removed AND sent to a friend.

After three days the toilet is moved to another location at no charge.

For additional information contact Huff & Puff Trucking at (615) 765-5033.

Standing with the toilet in the picture are Patrick, right, and her administrative assistant, Teresa Farless.