'Greatness Factory' under construction

Construction is underway on Coach Micheal Burt's new "Greatness Factory" on Main Street.

"To all my friends in my hometown of Woodbury, I have finalized and approved the start to renovating the old Curves building to my new Greatness Factory," Burt said.

Once work is complete, the building will be a multi-use facility, he said.

The Greatness Factory will include "a gym for full body workouts and other classes for your physical body."

The center will also feature activities for kids which could include gymnastics or other activities for growth of the mind and body, he said.

Rental space for meetings, family reunions, church events or other activities is planned.

Burt and his team will also teach classes on personal growth, business growth and leadership at the facility.

Phase 2 of the plan calls for space to overlook the city on the roof-top.

"On the left side Adoration Home Health Care agency will be our new tenant with all new offices." Burt said.

Beginning this week we will begin the renovation process and will have the website up soon for you to learn more.

I'm excited to create such a beautiful place in my hometown full of energy and positivity for the community. I believe you can "manufacturer greatness."