GOP: Gordon Puts Pelosi & Obama Before Tennesseans On Health Reform

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Republican Party Chris Chairman Devaney issued the following statement after retiring Tennessee Democrat Congressman Bart Gordon announced he is going to support the Obama/Pelosi/Reid government takeover of health care:

“Retiring from Congress doesn’t give Rep. Gordon an excuse to abandon his constituents,” said Devaney. “Recent polling here in our state suggests that the majority of Tennesseans want Congress to start over on health care. Tennessee voters don’t want a government takeover of health care that is going to raise premiums, slash Medicare benefits, and provide for taxpayer-funded abortions.

"I believe that Rep. Gordon’s decision to retire was the right one, but I hope he is aware his support of health care is going to be harmful to any Democrat who might be thinking of running in the Sixth Congressional District.”

A Spring 2010 poll released by Middle Tennessee State University reported the following findings:

• Health reform: Most Tennesseans want a do-over

• When asked what Congress should do next on health reform, a majority of Tennesseans, 53 percent, say Congress should start on a new bill. Twenty-two percent say Congress should pass a bill similar those the House and Senate have passed. Only sixteen percent say Congress should stop working on health reform altogether…

• Most of Tennessee’s independents, 63 percent, say Congress should start work on a new health reform bill, followed by 19 percent who say something like the current bills should be passed, and 18 percent who say Congress should just stop working on health reform.