Good, bad news for Cannon students


Cannon County students received a mixture of good and bad news this week.

High school students received their reports cards last Friday (May 23).

The state has verified end of course test scores and those have been returned, so the final course grades were calculated and were included on the final report cards, Director of Schools Barbara Parker said.

However, a delay at the Tennessee State Department of Education has resulted in a hold-up in releasing report cards for grades 3-8. Parker received an email from Erin O’Hara, assistant commissioner for data and accountability, explaining the delay.

“What this means for Cannon County students is that students in grades 3-8 will not receive a report card on Friday, May 23, which is the last day of school,” Parker said. “Students are expected to report to school that day since it is counted as a student day.”

“Final report cards will be mailed to the students’ homes later in May or early June, depending on the State Department’s release of scores and the school’s calculation of grades,” the director of schools said.