Gayle Erwin To Speak At Cannon Community Church On June 21

Gayle Erwin To Speak At Cannon Community Church On June 21

Gayle Erwin travels around the globe playing, as he puts it, "the one string on my guitar." That "one string" is the Nature of Jesus, a message developed over a lifetime of study and experience — a simple message of servant lifestyle for this complex age.

Gayle's varied background fuels a wealth of parables and anecdotes and gives handles to the experiences of the Bible. He states that the richness of his life is like living one lifetime every ten years.

He is a father and grandfather, a writer and editor, a talker and listener. He has created five magazines, served six years as a college teacher and twenty years as a pastor.

Now, as the director of a ministry called "Servant Quarters," he spends his time speaking at conferences and retreats (as he works on his third million miles of flying) and writing. His humorous style delights audiences of all ages wherever he goes.

Gayle's first book, The Jesus Style, has sold more than 500,000 copies and has been translated into 35 languages.

Come hear Gayle speak on Tuesday, June 21st, at 6:30 pm. at Cannon Community Church. You won’t be disappointed!

For information please call the church at 563-8606.  The church is located at 209 Old Murfreesboro Road, Woodbury.