From diagnosis to recovery

From diagnosis to recovery | Stones River Hospital, Dr. Van Winkle

Dr. James Van Winkle

General Surgery is anything but ‘general’ for Dr. James Van Winkle, MD. As a general surgeon for Stones River Hospital, Dr. Van Winkle loves his job.

He talks excitedly about appendectomies, laparoscopy, hernias and colonoscopies. These are not the topics of social conversation for most people, but Dr. Van Winkle literally lights up when he talks about his patients procedures.

“The whole reason I went into general surgery was to make people feel better fast! When a patient comes to me in agonizing pain and needs their appendix removed, I do an appendectomy and the first thing my patient usually says when they wake up is, ‘I feel better.’ That just makes my day,” Dr. Van Winkle smiles a hundred watt grin as he continues, “It is always my goal to fix the problem and help the patient recover as quickly as possible.”

“As a general surgeon, Dr. Van Winkle has expertise related to the diagnosis - preoperative, operative and postoperative management - and management of complications of surgical conditions. We are grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful surgeon on our team here at Stones River Hospital. The other docs love him and he is available on call in the ER,” says Sue Conley-CEO of Stones River Hospital and DeKalb Community Hospital, “Our patients are very lucky, as well, to have such friendly, expert care so close to home.”

When he is not busy making his patients feel better, Dr. Van Winkle loves to coon hunt and spend time with his lovely wife, Leann, and two children, Aidan and Addison.

The Middle Tennessee Surgical Associates Office of Dr. James Van Winkle is located at the Stones River Specialty Clinic in Woodbury.