Five Charges Follow Traffic Stop Near Known Drug House

A traffic stop on West Adams Street resulted in five charges being filed against a Woodbury woman on Oct. 28.

Sherry S. Stephens, 630 Sycamore Creek Rd., Woodbury, was pulled over by Woodbury Patrolman John Fesmire around 5:33 p.m.

During the ensuing investigation, Stephens was found to be in possession of 25 Morphine pills and five Soma pills. She kept the pills in a McDonald's bag. Stephens was stopped after leaving a known drug house. Stephens handed the bag to Patrolman Fesmire after granting consent for a search.

A needle was found to be in "very close proximity" to where the McDonald's bag had been sitting in the vehicle.

Stephens was also charged with stealing scrap metal from Global Industries. Two buckets containing the metal were found in her trunk. She stated she got the metal today (Oct. 28) from Global Industries despite being told on Oct. 24 by employees there and Officer Patrick Fann that she was not allowed to do so. The owner was called after Stephens was stopped and said that she was still not allowed on the property.

Charges against Stephens are: Possession of a Schedule II Drug (Morphine), Possession of a Legend Drug (five Soma pills), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (needle), Theft Under $500 and Criminal Trespass,

Total bond was set at $14,000. Initial court date is Nov. 9.