Fish Fries On Menu Of Auburntown City Council

The Auburntown City Council met January 4, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. for their regular monthly meeting. The Mayor and all councilmen were present except Beth Hancock.  

The previous monthly meeting for December 2010 was approved as presented by the City Recorder

The financial report ending December 31, 2010 was passed out for review.  Following a quick review with a few minor details explained, the report was approved as presented.

The Mayor announced that all the necessary perfunctory details had met approval for the DeKalb Utility District to make final payment to the Contractor who has finished running city water up Hurricane Creek Rd.  The contract is expected to be closed out shortly.

Chris Blackburn, Fire Chief, gave a report on the state of the Volunteer Fire Dept.  Among the principal items he discussed was the monthly fish fries conducted by the Fire Dept.  He gave a financial rundown on the amount of funds generated during the calendar year 2010.

The gross amount of funds generated over the 10 months they served was $23,582.47 with a net profit of $4,020.46. That equals to $402.05 profit for each month.  There were two months (January and September) showing a loss, with two months (June and July) showing a net profit over $1,000.00.

While the fish fries are not the moneymakers they once were, the Fire Dept. would be hard pressed to exist without them.  Mr. Blackburn said that he wanted to express his appreciation to everyone for their patronage and the Fire Dept. would be serving fish again this year January thru October.
The meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM

Winfred Gaither, City Recorder