Fire Truck Strikes Gas Truck Inside Fire Hall

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve McMillen responded to the Short Mountain Fire Hall on May 10 for a report of a two-vehicle crash which had occurred at the fire hall itself.

Upon arrival Deputy McMillen spoke with Michael Underhill and Jonathan Spurlock.

Underhill stated he was driving the fire truck and was in the process of backing it inside the fire hall, when he failed to realize that Spurlock had parked his Ford 150 (Natural Gas truck) in the same spot as Underhill was backing into.

As Underhill was backing inside the hall, the fire truck struck the tailgate of the gas truck, then pushed it 10 feet, causing the front bumper to strike the wall.

Damage to the pump on the fire truck was estimated at $1,250. Damage to the gas truck was estimated at $5,000.