Farm Bureau Donates To Food Bank

Farm Bureau Donates To Food Bank

Cannon County Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Ed Motlow, Cannon County Farm Bureau Agency Manager Ron Poston, Lois Larimer, representing the Cannon County Emergency Food Bank, Mark Barker, Cannon County Farm Bureau Vice President, Shirley Dennis, Farm Bureau secretary, Lou Nave, Cannon County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee Chair.

“Stretching Your Grocery Dollar With Healthy, Nutritious Food,” the official theme of American Farm Bureau’s Food Check-Out Week, reflects the fact that Americans from all walks of life continue to work through an economic squeeze. Dining out less often and preparing more meals at home is the new reality for many Americans.

America’s farmers continue to produce the safest, most affordable food supply in the world.  The American Farm Bureau recognizes the important role that farmers play in providing food for Americans and the world.  Farm Bureau calls special attention to America’s farmers and their contributions during Food Check Out Week.

Many local and state Farm Bureau’s recognize Food Check Out Week, the third week in February, and take this opportunity to contribute to charitable food organizations.  The Ronald McDonald House is the official beneficiary of Tennessee Farm Bureau Food Check Out Week donations.

The Cannon County Farm Bureau recognizes Food Check Out Week each year by donating funds to the Cannon County Emergency Food Bank to help county residents who have fallen on hard times.  

For 2011 the Cannon County Farm Bureau and new agency manager Ron Poston contributed $500 to the Cannon County Emergency Food Bank.