End Time Bible Seminar Continues Friday

End Time Bible Seminar Continues Friday

Pastor Dennis Clark
Over 70 people braved the wind and rain to attend the End Time Bible Seminar at the Seventh-day Adventist Church Saturday evening.

Pastor Dennis Clark, heard each morning on WBRY at 7:15 and called the “longest tenured pastor in Woodbury” by a prominent minister in town, is presenting this Bible based series each Friday and Saturday night that runs through April 16th.

His message this evening was entitled “The Edge of Prophecy” and expounded on how Bible prophecy is stunningly accurate, and because of this we can know the future of our planet.

In addition to the Pastor’s message, Violinist Roberta Chavez provided beautiful music and Doris Tucker, RN, provided the health talk on digestive health.

The next meeting is this Friday evening at 7 p.m. Pastor Clark’s Bible message, entitled “Catastrophic Global Conditions,” will explore specific prophecies of the end times including where the cataclysmic disasters happening all around us fit into the Bibles end time events.

Gospel singer and guitarist Mel Johnson will provide music and Joyce Kimbel will provide the health message on the importance of water.

Saturday evening there will be great treat with a concert by Pam and Jimmy Rhodes beginning at 6:15. Pastor Clark’s topic that night will be entitled Apocalyptic Omens.

The meetings are open to everyone. For more information contact Pastor Clark at 931-939-2807 or <clarktown2001@yahoo.com>