Emergency Meeting Of County Commission Monday

There will be an emergency meeting of the Cannon County Commission on Monday the 20th of August at 6:00 p.m. at the Cannon County Courthouse.

The meeting is for the purpose of affirming a county-wide Fire Chief for Cannon County; the welfare of the community requiring it.

"We have to select/affirm a county-wide Fire Chief to cover the men and women out in the field," Cannon County Commission Chairman Bob Stoetzel said. "If something happens to them (death) they are not covered for death benefits from the Federal and State Governments.

"Plus they cannot solicit money and the county cannot fund their operations. Legally we have no fire departments. They have been out of compliance since April 1, 2009. This information comes straight from the State."

This situation does not effect the Woodbury Fire Department, which is operated by the Town of Woodbury.

Faye Morse has served as County Fire Chief since 1994. According to information she received from Dennis Mulder, Program Coordinator, TN Fire Incident Report System, State Fire Marshal's Office, on June 25 of 2010, she did not have to take the fire chief class.

An e-mail Morse received from Mulder on that date stated, "You (Morse) are correct. I checked with my co-worker, Ricky Harris, who was out of the office yesterday, and he told me you are indeed grandfathered. You do not have to take the fire chief class."

The Cannon County Executive's Office sent the State Fire Marshal's Office a $50 check on Feb. 28, 2011 to renew the county's certification for three years.

However, Harris stated the following in an e-mail that was distributed to county commissioners on Tuesday which contradicts with what Mulder says Harris told him in June 2010, information that Mulder relayed to Morse:

"Your fire department recognition expired on 9/30/10 and has not been renewed after several  notifications. Please complete the attached application, and make sure that it is notarized. Also, there is a $50.00 renewal fee.

"Another part of the recognition is to have a VALID Assistant to the Commissioner. We currently have Faye Morse on file as the chief (ATC), however her certificate expired on 4/1/2009. When her certificate was issued it was temporary for one year (issued 4/1/08) All chiefs are required by state law to attend the 16 hour Fire Chief Orientation course that is given free by the state. Her ATC certificate CANNOT be renewed until she attends the class. The next class is October 27-28 at the Fire and Codes Academy in Bell Buckle.

"If a new chief is appointed (see attached form) they will have 12 months to attend one of the Fire Chief classes."