Election Commission Votes To Close Polling Places

In an effort to save taxpayers over $6,000 while still providing convenience to voters, the Cannon County Election Commission voted recently to eliminate or combine three voting locations.

The Election Commission unanimously voted to combine Short Mountain #2 with the Gassaway voting location; combine Short Mountain #4 with the Eastside voting location; and combine the Pleasant Ridge voting location with Auburntown.

The changes will become effective with the March 6 Presidential Preference Primary.

"This move saves the taxpayers a total of $6,641 (per year or per countywide election?)," said Election Commission Chairman Lindbergh Dennis, "and voters will not be inconvenienced by our action."

Dennis said several factors went into the commission's decision, including the cost savings and the small number of voters impacted by the move.

"We discussed it thoroughly and all five commissioners believed it was the right move to make," Lindbergh added.

Voters affected by the change will be notified by letter of their new voting location. A new voter registration card will be included with the letter.