Election Commission Beyond Being A Joke


As Lucy in Peanuts would say ... ”Good Grief Charlie Brown!” ... What on earth is going on with our Election Commission?
It is beginning to appear that we aren’t capable of conducting our own business in holding the elections. We have to have intervention from the State Election Board to tell us who should be on the Commission.
Mae Beavers and Mark Pody will be making the decision as to will serve on the Commission ... Nominations indeed! The Republicans are in charge? It looks like to me there isn’t anyone in charge.
The situation changes from day to day and doesn’t seem to be getting better. It’s beyond being a joke ... It’s getting frightening!
With elections already underway with early voting it’s beginning to look like fair and impartial elections are in jeopardy. I am pretty tired of the 2 party mess we are involved with. If you vote your conscience instead of party lines you’re kicked out.
I am an Independent and it doesn’t look like anyone is concerned with our representation on the Commission. I just somehow feel that the majority of thinking Cannon Countians don’t agree with the uncompromising politics that are being shoved down our throats.
The recent on-line poll by the Courier substantiates that opinion. It has gone beyond disappointment ... I think we should start getting angry.
Fount Bertram
2100 Bradyville Hill Road
Bradyville, TN  37026