East Side announces honor students

East Side School would like to announce the following honor students (Principal's List - All A's), Honor Roll (A's and B's) and students with perfect attendance for the third grading period ending March 10:

Mrs. Ana Smith's Kindergarten -
Honor Roll: Miley Barrett, Hayden Foster, Aidyn Harris, Desi Nolen, Jeffrey St.John, Rylee Young, Randen Davenport, Tyson Haynes. Perfect Attendance: Aidyn Harris, Landon Mims. Most Improved: Randen Davenport.

Mrs. Paige Holt's First Grade -
Princupal's List: Elaina Turner, Whitman Walls, Lillie Hunter. Honor Roll: Andrew Alexander, Riley Melton. Perfect Attendance: Andrew Alexander, Lillie Hunter. Most Improved: Dakota Wimberly.

Mrs. Karen Cook's Second Grade -
Principal's List: Lilly Allen. Honor Roll: Amera Smith, Jacob Pirtle, Amber Ivanowski, Kennedi Higgins. Perfect Attendance: Kennedi Higgins, Jacob Pirtle. Most Improved: Mackenzie McCurry.

Mrs. Connie Phillips' Third Grade -
Principal's List: Laney Mullinax, Mason Thurman, Laila Underwood. Honor Roll: Ayden Dollar, Emily Manus, Gage Nokes, Drayden Peebles, Wyatt Valentino. Perfect Attendance: Ayden Dollar, Matthew Sullivan. Most Improved: Emily Manus.

Ms. Samantha Young's Fourth Grade -
Principal's List: Sadey Grizzle, Olivia Moss, Kurstin Warrick. Honor Roll: Lillian Davenport, Slade Grizzle, Denver Jones, Connor Napier. Perfect Attendance: Lillian Davenport, Jack Grant, Sadey Grizzle, Slade Grizzle. Most Improved: Jack Grant.

Mrs. Brad Underwood's Fifth Grade -
Principal's List: Emma Muncey. Honor Roll: Logan Gentry, Jeremy Earls, Allie Skimehorn, Callie Vance. Perfect Attendance: Tristen Barber, Austin Johnson, Sawyer Parton. Most Improved: Jeremy Earls.

Mrs. Connie Foster's Sixth Grade -
Principal's List: Katie Davis. Honor Roll: Jada Luurs. Perfect Attendance: Katie Davis.
Most Improved: Katie Davis.

Mrs. Amy Underwood's Seventh
Grade - Honor Roll: Braxten Alexander, Ashley Mooneyham, Cathan Cecil, Katlyn Prater, Emma Richardson. Perfect Attendance: Braxten Alexander, Ashley Mooneyham, Dallas Roller, Haylee Williams. Most Improved: Slade Knight.

Mrs. Jackie Burger's Eighth Grade -
Principal's List: Stella Brown, Christian Davis. Honor Roll: Eli Cantrell, Emalee Rogers. Perfect Attendance: Stella Brown, Christian Davis, Hunter Davis, Caden Duke, Cheyanne Moss. Most Improved: Leah Hall.