Driving For A Distillery

Driving For A Distillery

Billy Kaufman, left, and Christian Grantham stationed themselves outside the Cannon County Courthouse Monday in their effort to collection signatures for a petition that would allow for the distillery of liquor in Cannon County.
Members of a local group wanting to start a whiskey distillery operation in Cannon County were stationed outside the courthouse Monday collecting signatures for a petition.

Billy Kaufman, a local farmer on Short Mountain, and his brothers want to open a distillery on his land. It would be called Short Mountain Distillery, a locally owned and family-funded manufacturer that would create jobs and a sustainable relationship with farmers throughout the county, said local farmer Billy Kaufman said.

The group need to collect enough signatures from registered voters in order to be able to put a referendum on the ballot for the November election.

The group needs at least 550 signatures from registered voters before the petition can be presented to the Cannon County Commission. Kaufman said as of Monday they have collected close to 300.

Before the referendum allowing the operation of a distillery can be placed on the ballot, it must first be approved by the county commission.

The business will also have to apply and be approved for a federal tax stamp before beginning operations.

If approved, the distillery would manufacture whiskey and sell it outside Cannon County. No municipality in Cannon County currently allows the sale of alcoholic beverages other than beer.

For more information about Short Mountain Distillery or on how to sign the petition, visit shortmountaindistillery.com.