Driver Wearing No Pants Dressed With DUI Charge

When a couple were pulled over during a traffic stop by Woodbury Police Department Patrolman John Fesmire on Sept. 10, the man let his wife do most of the talking.

There was one thing, however, that both had trouble explaining.

Fesmire was on routine patrol on McMinnville Highway that day when a flatbed dually Ford pulled out in front of him at the Woodbury Co-op. He initiated his blue lights and the vehicle was pulled over at Woodbury Insurance.

Fesmire approached the vehicle and, according to his report, found Richard Stickney III as the driver and Rae Stickney was his passenger. Fesmire explained why he pulled them over and asked if they were going somewhere important. Ms. Stickney told him they were going home.

Fesmire asked the driver, Mr. Stickney, for his license and insurance. "The driver promptly hand me his health insurance card," Fesmire reported.

"I stepped back to my patrol unit to check the status of Mr. Stickney's license," Fesmire's report states. "I then returned to the vehicle and asked where they were coming from. Rae Stickney stated they were coming from home. I asked where home was and she stated Hurrican Creek Road. I then asked where they were going and again, Rae Stickney answered the question by stating they were going home. It appeared that Ms. Stickney was attempting to answer questions so that Mr. Stickney wouldn't have to talk."

Fesmire reported that according to Ms. Stickney's answers, they had left home to head home.

"I stated that it didn't make sense and she stated that they were out taking a evening ride and were recently married (last December according to them)," Fesmire reported. "I then asked Mr. Stickney if he had been drinking and Ms. Stickney answered for him saying 'No.' However, Mr. Stickney said. 'Yes I have.' When asked what he had drank, Stickney said he didn't know. When asked how much he drank, Stickney said he didn't know."

At this point Fesmire felt is necessary to conduct SFST's (Standardized Field Sobriety Tests) and asked the driver to exit the vehicle.

"Mr. Stickney exited the vehicle and was holding a rag over his groin. It was evident that he had no pants on," Fesmire reported.

When asked if he had pants in the vehicle, Stickney stated that he had some in the truck. Fesmire told him to go get them on. After a few seconds of searching, Stickney returned with the rag still in place over his groin and stated that he didn't have any pants or underwear with him.

"I asked him what was going on and he answered something to the effect of, 'I'm out with my my new wife. You know what's going on,'" Fesmire reported.

Fesmire then proceeded with the sobriety tests, and due to Stickney's inability to adequately perform them he was placed under arrest for DUI. Stickney consented to having his blood drawn for analysis at the hospital.

During his booking at the jail, Stickney stated that he took several medicines which were controlled. He stated that the took a Valium "about three hours ago" according to Fesmire's report.

Bond for Stickney, of 5004 Hurricane Creek Rd., Woodbury, was set at $7,500. His initial court appearance is set for Oct. 12.