Drinking, Drugging And Driving Results In 10th DUI Charge For Hollis

Officer John Fesmire of the Woodbury Police Department was on routine patrol on Sept. 9 when he came up behind a Ford F150 truck on McFerrin Street.

Fesmire observed the vehicle pull into the driveway just west of 511B McFerrin St. As Fesmire passed by, he saw the truck pull back out into the roadway.

"This raised my suspicions and I turned around," Fesmire wrote in his report. "In the short amount of time that had passed by, the above truck had backed out of the first driveway it pulled into, pulled into 511B McFerrin Street, and pulled back onto McFerrin Street and in doing so, nearly pulled out in front of a FedEx truck and my patrol unit. I decided to wait and let the truck pull out before I went on so that I could initiate a traffic stop.

"I followed the vehicle onto S. College St. where it headed towards Bryant Lane. I initiated a traffic stop at 800 S. College St. As I explained to the driver, Larry (Nile) Hollis (530 Bryant Lane, Woodbury), why I had stopped him, I could smell the odor of an intoxicating beverage about the driver and in the passenger compartment of the truck. His eyes were bloodshot and glazed over.

"When I asked if Hollis had drank any alcohol or if he had taken any prescription pills, he stated that he took a Lortab this morning and that was it. Given the suspicious activity of Hollis and the apparent impairment, I radioed for an additional unit. Officer (Patrick) Fann soon arrived and Hollis was asked for consent to search him and his vehicle. He consented.

"On Hollis' person I found 3 hydrocodone pills in his pants pocket. In the cab of the truck 2 more hydrocone pills were found. Hollis stated that he had a prescription for them but that it was at home. In the bed of the truck was a cooler. Inside the cooler were 3 Budweiser beers."

Hollis was arrested and charged with DUI 10th offense, possession of a controlled substance and violation of the implied content law. Bond was set at $35,000. Initial court date is Oct. 12.