Dozen Arrested In Meth Lab Busts

The Cannon County Sheriff’s Department charged 12 people in connection with three meth labs which were discovered during the past week.

The busts occurred at addresses on Lorance Road on Feb. 21, Simpson Rd. on Feb. 25 and Parker Hill Road on Feb. 26.

The Feb. 25 incident involved 10 suspects, so many that it was necessary to bring the sheriff’s bus which is normally used to cart prisoners from the jail to court to the Simpson Road address to take all of them to the jail for booking.

Charged in the three incidents were David W. McPeak, Donna M. McPeak, Tiffany Mullins-Cross, Justin Taggart, Mary A. Barrett, Justin Tyler Barrett, Cynthia D. Thomas, Cody J. Shaffer, Jerry R. Gunter, David R. Nipper, Amy Tribble and Jeremy H. Hinkle.

Check back to for additional information and the March 7 edition of The Cannon Courier for a complete report with photographs of the accused.