Downtown Woodbury Is No Swim Zone

A man who has been living in a building in downtown Woodbury has been asked by the town to no longer do so.

At the direction of Woodbury Town Council, city attorney Bill Bryson sent the following letter to Ronald Swim of 219 West Main Street, dated Dec. 8, 2009.

Dear Mr. Swim:

As attorney for the Town of Woodbury I have been asked to notify you that the property at 219 West Main Street is zoned commericial and residences are not permitted. Therefore your living there is a violation of the zoning ordinance. You must immediately cease to live at 219 West Main Street.

Yours truly,
William H. Bryson

At its November meeting, the Woodbury Planning Commission discussed the city ordinance about living in a commercial building on a bottom floor of the building that is on the square. The old pool room was the building in question. About three years ago Swim wanted permission to be able to live in the building, which doesn’t have an upstairs, until it could be remodeled. That has not happened as of yet.