Downtown Beer Sales Approved On First Reading

KEVIN HALPERN, Courier Co-Editor

The Town of Woodbury Board of Mayor and Aldermen began the process Tuesday night of allowing downtown restaurants to sell beer.

The Board approved on first reading Ordinance No. 436, which amends Ordinance 421, by adding the following language as a new paragraph being the last paragraph of 8-210 to read as follows:

"That any restaurant on the square that is closer than 300 feet of any hospital, school, church or other place of public gathering shall be permitted to apply and receive a license for the sell of beer so long as they qualify under the remaining requirements of the beer regulations and applications of this Ordinance. The square is defined as the location between Water Street, Cannon Street, Main Street and Tatum Street immediately around the Cannon County Courthouse."

Currently establishments on the square are prohibited from selling beer because they are within 300 feet of the courthouse.

Any current or future establishment on the square wishing to sell beer will still have to meet the requirement of having a seating capacity of at least 50.

The Board also passed an ordinance Tuesday, No. 437, which will permit stores in Woodbury which are already licensed to sell beer to do so on election days.

Both ordinances still must be approved on second reading at the Board's next meeting on Jan. 4 before they go into effect.

In other business the Board:

• Adopted Ordinance No. 434, an ordinance amending the street acceptance and construction standard code for the Town of Woodbury by adding a Section 16-407 (Procedure for street acceptance by the Public Works Director).

• Adopted Ordinance No. 435, an ordinance amending the street acceptance and construction standard code for the Town of Woodbury by changing Section 16-406.

• Made a donation of $500 to the Cannon County Chamber of Commerce.

•  Heard from Dan Bowling, owner of Med-Source, Inc. of Murfreesboro, who said he is opening a branch in Woodbury at 214 South McCrary St. (next to NAPA Auto Parts) next week. The medical supply company provides medical equipment, bathroom accessories, canes, chairs - orthopedic and lift, diabetes services and supplies, hospital and medical equipment and supplies, orthopedic appliances, oxygen therapy equipment, respirators, shoes - orthopedic, wheel chair lifts and ramps, wheel chairs, etc. Bowling said the business would employ about six people.