Donate to help Franz Walkup

Mike Muller is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, to raise money in support of Army Sergeant Franz Walkup who was critically wounded in service to our country. 100% of all donations will go directly to the construction of a handicapped accessible Smart Home.

In 2012, Sergeant Walkup, of Woodbury, was ambushed by a group of Afghan soldiers that his unit was training. Franz was shot 5 times, and was very lucky to survive this attack. Franz has endured 78 surgeries to date, and fights on every day to push through his limitations. He spends most of his days in a wheelchair, but has fought a long battle to get back on his feet.

For his sacrifice, Franz was awarded a Purple Heart by President Obama.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, with help from the Phoenix Patriot Foundation, is working hard to raise the necessary funds to build a handicapped accessible Smart Home for Franz and his wife Shannon in their home state of TN.

Please watch the video for more details about this brave American.

Thank you for your support,

Mike Muller. Click below to go to Mike's website.