DJ's Patron Disappointed By Firing Of Employee


We have been patrons of DJ’s Pizza and Steakhouse for many years. We eat supper there at least every other week. My husband eats lunch there about three times a week. The food is great and the service is good. While all the waitresses are good, one stands out among them. Her name is Lisa. She has been working there for thirteen (13) years.

Lisa recently contracted a serious condition that has caused her much sickness and suffering. I have been there and saw her working when she was very sick. She was not her usual bubbly self with smiles and little jokes she normally had. She has had to miss some work because of this disease. The weekend before July 4th, she was fired because of her absences, due to her sickness. I am outraged at this decision!

Come on DJ’s. She has been there for thirteen years. She is, obviously, a good employee. You are not running a big corporation. You are running a little restaurant in a little town where everyone knows everyone. Have a little consideration and compassion for someone who is been with you for all these years.

We have made the decision not to patronize DJ’s Restaurant. While we will miss the food, we feel we do not want to give our money to someone who does not care any more about their employees than you do. There are plenty of other good restaurants in town.

Jackie Martin

Woodbury, TN