Deputy Gives Honest Pothead A Break

Honesty proved to indeed be the best policy for a young man who was found to have marijuana in his truck on May 15.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Tommy Barker was patrolling the area of Russell’s Market when he observed a black Nissan pickup sitting in front of the market with two white males sitting in the bed of the truck.

When the deputy pulled closer to the store, it appeared the two males were now lying down in the bed of the truck. He then initiated his emergency lights and pulled in behind the Nissan.

Deputy Barker approached the truck and asked the two males in the truck bed and the driver for identification. He then contacted Cannon County Dispatch and checked for warrants on Kristoffer Bryce King, Brent Pewitt and Tyler Jernigan.

Dispatched advised Prewitt did have active warrants in Rutherford County and the other two males were clear. Deputy Barker placed Pewitt in custody and put him in the rear of his patrol unit.

He then asked Jernigan to step out of the truck. After being checked for weapons, Jernigan was asked to stand on the passenger side of the vehicle until the investigation was complete.

Deputy Barker next walked to the driver’s side door and asked King what he was doing parked in front of the closed business. King stated he was there to pick up his friends (Pewitt and Jernigan). When asked if he had anything illegal inside of the vehicle, King stated he did have a small amount of marijuana in a pill bottle between his seats.

At the request of Deputy Barker, King exited his vehicle, was checked for weapons, and was then placed in the rear of the patrol unit of Deputy Lawrence Avera, who had come to the scene to provide backup.

Deputy Barker searched the truck and found a sunglass case containing a grinder, rolling papers, a pipe, a set of scales and, between the seats in plain view, a pill bottle containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. He then advised King it was illegal to have marijuana in his possession but that since he had been upfront and honest, he was going to be issued a release citation and could be on his way.

Deputy Barker then asked Deputy Avera to transport Pewitt to the Cannon County Jail to be held for pickup by Rutherford Co.

King, of Franklin, is scheduled to appear in Cannon County General Sessions Court on June 7.