Crane Issues Apology, Amends Policy

We apologize deeply for this unfortunate situation that has occurred with Ms. Danford’s suspension but we have now created an amendment to our current cell phone policy that allows any employee the ability to talk to their active duty child or spouse who is serving in a hostile foreign country.  Ms. Danford’s 3-day suspension has been repealed and she will be paid in full for the three days that she was suspended.  

We have several retired military personnel that currently work for us and their service along with Ms. Danford’s son’s service to our great country is greatly appreciated by all within the Crane Interiors family.  We appreciate all that have served in the past, those that currently serve, and all that will serve in the future.  May God bless them all and bring them home safely.

Again, we apologize to all that were affected by this situation.

Chris Anderson
Crane Interiors General Manager