Courier Helps Reunite Money With Owner

On Wednesday of this week, The Cannon Courier was requested to make it known that money had been found in Cannon County. On Thursday, following a notice posted on our Web site, the owner of the money was located.

The money was lost by a person who works in Woodbury. The person who found it works in law enforcement. The amount recovered was in the hundreds of dollars.

The reason we mention the recovery is not to pat ourselves on the back, but rather to highlight the way in which the finder of the money asked us to make the information known.

We were asked to simply publicize that money had been found. We were not told where, or how much. The finder used us as a go-between.

When we were e-mailed by the person who lost it, they provided information about where they thought it had been lost, how much it was, and the denominations.

We then passed those details along to the finder, who knew them to be accurate, and that person returned the money.

We would advise anyone who finds money and seeks to return it to the owner to follow the same course of action.